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Source Water Protection Operational Guidance (ANSI/AWWA G300)

Describes critical elements for effective source water protection.

Emergency Preparedness Practices (ANSI/AWWA G440)

Provides minimum requirements to establish and maintain an acceptable level of emergency preparedness based on risks facing drinking water utilities.

Emergency Planning for Water Utilities (AWWA M19)

Offers guidance and tools for water and wastewater managers in preparing for either natural or human-caused emergencies.

Risk and Resilience Management of Water and Wastewater Systems (ANSI/AWWA J100)

Outlines requirements for all-hazards risk and resilience analysis and management for the water sector. Prescribes methods that can be used for addressing these requirements.

Flood Resilience Guide

Easy-to-use tool for evaluating flooding threats and identifying practical options to protect critical assets. Includes worksheets, instructional videos, and flood maps to help utilities through a simple, 4-step process.


Assists utilities of all sizes with determining vulnerabilities to both man-made and natural hazards and with evaluating potential improvements to enhance security and resiliency.

Drought Response and Recovery Guide For Water Utilities

An interactive tool designed to assist small to medium-sized water utilities prepare and respond to drought.

Online Source Water Quality Monitoring for Water Quality Surveillance and Response Systems

This document provides guidance on the design of a Source Water Monitoring system that is based on best practices and lessons learned from existing Source Water Monitoring systems.

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