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  • GIS Experience Needed


WCIT is a secure, on-line database that provides information on chemical, biological, and radiological contaminants of concern for water security, including response guidelines and treatment options.


ICWater is a powerful, GIS-based tool for modeling contaminant plumes and concentrations along rivers. Analyzes contaminant levels at vulnerable facilities based on real-time US Geological Survey stream gauges. ICWater has been used to accurately predict contaminant transport in several spill disaster situations, including the 2014 spill chemical spill (of MCHM) into Elk River in West Virginia.

CAMEO: Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations

Maps of chemical storage (primarily volatile chemicals) data in communities. Requires a desktop connection and GIS experience to operate.

WLA: The Water Laboratory Alliance

WLA is a nationwide network of laboratories with the analytical capability and capacity to assess chemical, biological, and radiochemical contaminants during emergency events.

WaterISAC – Water Security Network

Sign up to WaterISAC to receive threat alerts on possible dangers to water utilities. WaterISAC provides direct access to extensive contaminant databases on a chemical or microbiological contaminants, including potential health effects, treatment techniques, lab methods, and more. Drinking water and wastewater utilities; local, state and federal government water, health and emergency management offices; and other water and emergency management organizations can sign up.

Water Security Initiative

EPA Water Security Division designs and demonstrates an effective contaminant monitoring system and contamination warning system to help utilities detect and quickly respond to contamination events. View a summary of the initiative and results from several pilot systems in Cincinnati, San Francisco, New York City, Philadelphia, and Dallas.

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