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Engage New Partners

At this stage, you no doubt have experience in attracting partner participation. The partner tips shared in the earlier stages of this toolkit are still relevant at any time. What’s different about engaging partners at this stage?

You can now:

  • Leverage the broad partnership and reach of a recognized SWC.
  • Seek out non-traditional partners who may be more likely to join an established group.
  • Attract partners by touting demonstrated successes.

Read how other collaboratives engaged new partners:

SWC: National Source Water Collaborative (SWC)

New Partner: National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD)

Key: identifying common ground.

NACD joined the Source Water Collaborative in 2013. Three elements contributed to a successful partnership:

  1. SWC had accomplished some early goals and was looking for new partners with local perspective;
  2. After observing several SWC meetings, NACD presented at a meeting and identified shared priorities for soil health and water quality;
  3. New leadership at NACD was interested in broad collaboration

SWC: Schuylkill Action Network (SAN)

New Partner: Berks County Water and Sewer Association (BCWSA)

Key: common concern for source water protection, overlapping membership.

BCWSA members, already active with several SAN workgroups, saw the benefit of engaging the new BCWSA collaborative effort with the SAN. Value added to both efforts:

  1. BCWSA has been able to use some of SAN’s experience with local organizations to help shape sustainable interest in their goals of source water protection.
  2. SAN has been able to strengthen relationships with water utilities and expand their education and outreach programs to reach water utilities and municipal entities interested in water supply.

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