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Plan a kick-off meeting to develop a shared vision and path for action

  • Effective SWCs recommend getting started quickly and planning meeting agendas that focus on creating tangible deliverables as soon as possible.
  • In some cases, leaders may plan to spend time during the kick-off meeting educating partners so that the group can develop specific goals and actions based on a more informed understanding of the challenges faced and possible paths forward.
  • It can be important to have a convener of some status to initially launch the group.
  • Consider a field trip or visit as part of your kick-off meeting to connect partners with the water they are working to protect. Depending on the focus of your collaborative and the best practices or outcomes you hope to achieve, a trip might include:
    • A visit with local farmers on their farm/ranch.
    • A tour of the local water utility to showcase best practices and discuss on-the-job challenges.
    • A walk through an estuary or wetland.
    • A tour of an intake area.
    • A boat/ferry ride on a river or lake.

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