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Are You Forming a New Collaborative?

This section can help you:

Consider Steps to Get Started

Click here for a quick overview of key steps to start forming your collaborative: creating a collaborative vision, identifying partners, and planning a kick-off meeting. Read More »

Identify Leaders and Facilitators

Leaders and Facilitators are essential to effective teamwork, and can serve as energetic “spark plugs” during the early stages of a collaborative. Learn how to identify these key players here. Read More »

Identify Options for Structuring Your Collaborative

Find tips to plan the structure of your collaborative. View an example of how a highly successful collaborative has organized its member roles and responsibilities. Read More »

Bring Collaborative Members to the Table

Find tips for identifying potential partners and how to develop initial invitation and background materials. Read More »

Identify Common Ground Among Your Partners

Whether you see a new opportunity to re-focus your work with an existing partner organization, or want to reach out to a new potential partner, identifying what you have in common and what you each could bring to a joint effort can expedite the process. Read More »

Define Your Intentions with Key Materials

Formalize the collaborative relationship by jointly developing a statement of purpose. Find details about what to include, samples from other collaboratives, and an agenda for a visioning meeting to create the document. Also find tips about creating an “elevator speech.” Read More »

Engage Members and Drive Action with Communication Tools

Your collaborative can maintain momentum and save significant time and effort by carefully planning how to communicate as a group. Click here to explore tools that make it easy to engage partners and help you avoid duplicating efforts. Read More »

Set Specific Goals and Propose Initial Protection Activities

Once your stakeholders are engaged, what next? Now is a good time to set measurable benchmarks and kick-start pilot activities. Read More »

Plan Effective Meetings

Find tips to streamline communications by setting ground rules and running efficient meetings. Read More »

Develop Effective Meeting Agendas

As a meeting attendee, you know the difference between a well-designed and action-oriented meeting and one that seemed put together with little planning. Find tips to help you craft agendas that engage members and drive action. Read More »

Find Sample Meeting Materials

See example materials from other collaborative kick-off meetings. Read More »

Find Funding Ideas

It’s no secret: funding is a key foundation of collaborative success, but often a challenge. Click here to browse possible funding sources for your starter projects. Read More »

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