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Get initial agreement

Confirmation is critical. Your first agreement might be formal or informal, written or verbal. Whatever form it takes, voicing commitment to the collaborative will give your members firm footing for launching initial actions.

Get agreement…on what?

  • How you want to work together.
  • Your mutual goals.
  • What change you want to create, and how.
  • Parties you want to involve.
  • Resources members will commit (in-kind, financial, human capital).


  • Identify a common vision.
    Brainstorm how your source water will look in 10 or 20 years. Or, imagine what your collaborative will look like in three to five years (e.g., projects accomplished, tasks underway). Draft a broad outline of your vision. This could be part of a focused conference call or an informal meeting.
  • Make a few decisions:
    Talk about the broad features of your collaborative:
    • Your motivation for collaborating.
    • How core members plan to participate.
    • Shared vision of ideal watershed conditions and initial key partners.
    • Priority next steps.

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