Collaboration Toolkit

Are You Considering a Collaborative Effort?

This section can help you:

Learn about the benefits of a collaborative approach

Not sure if a collaborative effort is right for your particular challenge? This section includes a list of benefits and when to consider this option as a solution.
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Find which type of collaborative might work for you

Collaboratives come in many shapes and sizes. Click here to get ideas on the type of collaborative that best matches your scope and goals.
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Align planning with priority source water concerns

Learn how to identify a few key priorities to address your source water concerns.
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Identify the resources you have

Taking a fresh look at what you have can help you engage potential partners. Taking a brief step back to consider what resources and expertise you can bring to a collaborative effort can kick-start the process.
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Identify key partners

Partners at all levels can help you achieve your goals. How can you join forces?
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Start conversations with trusted partners

Find preparation tips and suggested conversation topics to help you get ready to talk with some of your trusted partners about forming a collaborative.
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Get initial agreement

Voicing a common understanding will ensure your supporters are on the same page, ready to launch next steps.
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