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Improve Communication Among Collaborative Members

Send an annual questionnaire to members to get feedback on the group’s communication. Questions may include: is a user-friendly online survey tool that can help you quickly craft surveys and compile results. Or, if your collaborative is a small group, members can simply send their responses to a facilitator or group chair.

  • How can we improve our communications? Do members have access to all communication tools? Do they find tools efficient and easy to use?
  • Are communications too sparse, or overwhelming? Are members satisfied with the pace and punctuality of messages and updates?
  • If your collaborative expands membership, how can you alter communications to include new voices and input? For example:
    • Smaller groups often draft documents via internal email thread.
    • A larger group might opt for a common “home” of documents, like SharePoint (Office 365), Google Docs, Dropbox or Basecamp.
  • What types of materials do members expect leaders to communicate? What types of responses do leaders expect from members? Are these expectations being met?

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