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Create Concrete Actions and Projects

Ready to start implementing source water protection actions? Launching pilot projects can help you make early progress toward your goals. Browse examples of concrete protection activities below.

While preparing to implement protective actions, think about:

Planning Pilots with Measurable Results

Consider tips on measuring and tracking protection from the “Forming a New Collaborative” phase. Before launching a project, review your source water priorities and methods of measuring results in order to inform planning.

Considering your Action Plan

An Action Plan can help you track progress toward your long-term goals. Your pilot project can “test drive” a protection strategy to craft into your action plan, or serve as a first step toward accomplishing set goals.

Some collaboratives have success because they create action plans that ensure incremental progress. Here are a few tips from successful collaboratives:

  • Don’t feel you must make major changes all at once.
  • Set short-term interim goals that can lead to bigger advances.
  • Short-term successes can keep members engaged and provide a sense of accomplishment.
  • If the broader group can’t commit to an activity, encourage a sub-group to take action on their own.

Examples of Protection Activities & Additional Resources

Pilot projects will vary widely depending on issue and context. The following case studies present a brief sampling of projects undertaken by collaboratives or collaborative-like groups. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but aims to provide “food for thought” as you design your own protection activities.

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