Collaboration Toolkit

Are You Advancing a Collaborative Effort?

This section can help you:

Engage Partners and Drive Action

Find detailed tips about how to assess your members’ engagement and the effectiveness of your collaboration. Read More »

Define Priority Outcomes and Set Annual Goals

Find tips to determine when and how to revisit goals and priorities. Get ideas for how to incorporate this topic into your next member meeting. Read More »

Create Concrete Actions and Projects

Ready to start implementing source water protection actions? Launching pilot projects can help you make early progress toward your goals. Browse examples of concrete protection activities. Read More »

Pursue Common Ground with Partners

As your collaborative progresses, you’ll experience new challenges. Taking time to focus on commonalities can improve your internal and external communications. Read More »

Improve Communication Among Collaborative Members

Improving communication can ensure your members stay engaged and help maintain momentum. Click here to “troubleshoot” some common communication challenges. Read More »

Leverage Funding Opportunities

At this stage of collaboration, many new financial options may be available to you. For instance, you may be ready to leverage grants along with in-kind resources of your own. Your group may also devise ways of creating your own revenue streams. Read More »

Engage Stakeholders

Find tips on how to reach stakeholders, including those with opposing views. Read More »

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